We fill in the gaps

Partner with the best team in the industry to grow your derivatives business

Our solutions are not one size fits all. You know that you need to use derivatives for your own risk or to help your end-users but don't have the right personnel to manage the program. We work as an extension of your internal team to help you win new loans and uncover new hedging opportunities.

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Full-service management

Get started in capital markets quickly as we guide you through the compliance process.

We provide the expertise to help your team offer derivatives-based solutions and ensure your program's success as it grows.

Last mile sales support

Our industry-leading derivative sales team will work hand-in-hand with you to help identify new hedging opportunities and compete in your market.

We'll show you how to find the best loan structure and rate offering for you and your client's needs.

Operations support

Managing derivatives operations is a breeze with our expert team's support backed by our robust operations platform.

We have automated numerous pre- and post-trade tasks allowing our seasoned operations team to decimate the time spent to manage derivatives for our clients.

Dodd-Frank compliance support

Approach compliance with confidence.

We are subject matter experts in Title VII of the Dodd-Frank Act, and we help our clients comply with evolving laws and regulations every day.

Hedge accounting support

Let us help you make the right moves.

Our balanced approach to managing risk considers both economic and accounting consequences.

We offer comprehensive hedge accounting solutions and practical expert analysis of multiple hedging alternatives.

SaaS training

We work closely with you to onboard your existing portfolio and enable your team to get the most out of DerivativeEDGE.

Unlike other enterprise trading technology vendors, we go above and beyond to answer every question as you begin using the platform. Your success is our success.