Derivative Operations Support

The team and the technology to manage your derivatives operations.

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Managing derivatives operations is a breeze with the support of our expert team backed by a robust operations platform, DerivativeEDGE.

Our operations and middle-office team has years of experience managing large volumes of plain vanilla and more complex derivatives.

We designed DerivativeEDGE to manage the entire lifecycle of events for derivatives, so you don't have to.

Unless of course, you want to.

    Leave your operational worries behind. Every morning, we reset your trades and every evening we mark them to market based on closing curves. DerivativeEDGE takes care of it all automatically, including:

  • Generating an independent third party valuation of your entire portfolio.

  • Immediately filing your Primary Economic Terms (PET) and Continuation Data to a Swap Data Repository on end user trades.

  • A full suite of operational reports and mark-to-market statements for your institution and your customers stored in a document repository for easy retrieval, any time you need them.

Customized workflows ensure that only authorized users can amend trades. Daily processes generate reset and payment notices, which are white-labeled and formatted exactly as you want them. Straightforward user interfaces ensure your day is organized and manual errors are eliminated.

Think you don't have the resources for a Derivatives Program? Rely on us.

If your organization doesn't have the resources or the in-house expertise to manage a derivatives portfolio, we'll bring our know-how to ensure your program's success.

We work with institutions of all sizes. Insured depositories, institutional clients, and end-users rely on our expertise to help them execute and manage their derivatives activity.

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