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Derivative Path Hedge Accounting Support

Hedge Accounting Made Simple

  • We are leading the way to help clients understand ASC 815 and the changes announced as part of ASU 2017-12.

  • Easily create hedge inception documentation, run multiple effectiveness tests to find the optimal trade structure, and generate reports for financial reporting.

  • Our software applications and solutions make compliance a simple process so you can focus on the economics of managing financial risk.

  • Need help in early adoption of the new hedge accounting rules, including amending hedge documentation and calculating transition entries? We are here to help.

Streamlined Reporting

  • Easily create a hedge instrument and pair it with an exposure to form a new hedge relationship.

  • Run effectiveness assessments on a multitude of possible hedge relationships before designating a hedge.

  • Generate a beautiful hedge inception package effortlessly as soon as a designation is made.

  • No need to wait for days to receive your documents from antiquated legacy advisors.

  • Receive automated month-end journal entries and updated effectiveness assessments including hedge re-designations or terminations.

Access Information and Reports

Derivative Path Hedge Accounting Support
  • Our platform supports multiple ways to assess hedge effectiveness.

  • Whether it is regression analysis of periodic or cumulative changes in fair value, index regression, or the cumulative dollar offset method – we’ve got you covered.

  • Run regressions for 36 or more historical periods using quarterly, monthly, or weekly observations of prior period results. 

  • Maintain journal entries for life-to-date hedge results and remain fully compliant with the ASU 2017-12 recognition, measurement, and presentation rules.

What You Can Expect From Us

  • Comprehensive hedge accounting solutions with expert analysis of multiple hedging alternatives.

  • Practical guidance given our experience with the hedge accounting rules since inception in 2001.

  • A balanced approach to managing risk, considering both economic and accounting consequences.

  • A complete understanding of the newly issued hedge accounting rules with assistance on when to adopt and the impact on current and new hedging strategies.

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