Foreign Exchange

Obtain access to top liquidity providers.
An online platform that efficiently executes, reports and manages your FX portfolio.

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Model and Price an FX Product

Gather real time pricing and valuations for major and minor currency pairs with real time market data directly from FX market makers. Supported products include:

  • FX Spot

  • FX Forward

  • FX Window

  • FX Swap

  • FX NDF

Foreign Exchange

Electronic Execution

Gain access to an online execution capability!

Our rule-based routing engine will route RFQ's to the optimal liquidity providers, and DerivativeEDGE will present a summary of the quotes, highlighting the best executable level.

Accept a quote with the click of a button, and DerivativeEDGE will do the rest -- including building your customer trade and automatically creating the back-to-back hedge.

Position Reporting

Trades can be easily submitted electronically to a Swap Data Repository (SDR) as soon as your trade is executed.

Your portfolio will be valued on a daily basis against closing market rates, and mark-to-market statements are made available alongside daily journal entries.

Real-time position and regulatory-based exposure reports can be produced at any time.

Positions Reports
Foreign Exchange Reports

Ongoing Trade Support

Calculate revenue, monitor positions and track mark-to-market values.

Break down your exposures by currency or counterparty and manage each of your trading relationships.

Centralize your Document Repository

Centralize your Document Repository
  • Instantly access records and reports.

  • Manage documents at the counterparty and trade level.

  • Auditable and robust System of Record helps you automatically satisfy your Dodd-Frank compliance requirements.

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