Interest Rate Derivatives

Cloud-based and cost effective.
An industry-leading platform to successfully manage your derivatives hedging program

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Manage Sales Opportunities

Manage Sales Opportunities

Create an opportunity based on your debt terms. With one click, you can build and price multiple derivative structures.

Track and fulfill Dodd-Frank pre-trade compliance requirements with ease, and use a workflow engine tailored to your own firm’s approved procedures.

DerivativeEDGE gives you the tools to monitor progress, project revenues, and successfully close your deal.

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Build and Price a Derivative Structure

Structure, price, and maintain:

  • Interest rate swaps

  • Caps

  • Floors

  • Loans

  • Swaptions

  • Cancellable Swaps

  • Swaps with embedded options

Get real time pricing and valuations using the same market data and analytics used by the largest swap dealers. You have complete transparency into the market. With DerivativeEDGE, the black box becomes a glass box.

Build and Price a Derivative Structure

Manage Trade Lifecycle

Manage Trade Lifecycle
by counterparty

Need to look at counterparty risk against approved limits? Check a confirmation or resend a payment notice? All your counterparty information and documentation is stored and accessible in one place and available anytime. Whether you are taking a call at your desk or visiting your customer’s office, access all the information you need, instantly.

Relationship Manage
by Task

Do you want to blend-and-extend an existing swap? Does your Customer want to prepay and terminate their swap? DerivativeEDGE gives you instant access to your data so it is easy to research on the fly. We can even load your loan portfolio data and help you find new hedging opportunities in your existing loan book.

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Increase Transparency During Execution

  • You are in control.

  • Access live market prices with updated curves at the click of a button when you are live on a trade.

  • Verify mid-market levels and spreads.

  • Make on-the-fly adjustments to proposed derivative structures and re-price instantly.

  • Instead of paying away all the value of the trade to your derivative advisor or software vendor, you can maximize your firm’s return.

Centralize your Document Repository

Centralize your Document Repository
  • Instantly access records and reports.

  • Manage documents at the counterparty and trade level.

  • Auditable and robust System of Record helps you automatically satisfy your Dodd-Frank compliance requirements.

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Access Information and Reports

  • Automatically produce white-labeled Mark to Market statements for your borrowers periodically or on-demand.

  • Automatically generate white-labeled Settlement and Reset notices and manage the reset process effortlessly.

  • Meet regulatory requirements with access to independent third party portfolio valuation reports.

  • Analyze and drill-down to every cashflow, payment, and reset.

  • Check payment and settlement reports, review actual and projected revenue, and verify option expiry dates in real time.

In an era of increased regulatory scrutiny for financial institutions and end users, you need a straightforward, cost effective platform to manage your derivatives  including pre-trade, trade execution and post-trade support.

Ready to see how DerivativeEDGE® can work for you?

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